Mark McCloy, Founder of Legacy Power Solutions

As an entrepreneur with over 39 years’ history, Mr. McCloy has been directly involved in the formation of four successful business operations, having employed hundreds of people.

Mark has over 35 years of experience in Technical Sales, Business Development, Company Growth and Management, Marketing, and Product and Service Development to the utility and large Industrial electric power marketplace. As the founder of Power Distribution Services in August of 1985, Mark developed company growth to $28 million in 1998.

Mark’s specific product and application knowledge includes high voltage test equipment and apparatus, such as Power Transformers and Circuit Breakers. His purview also includes protection, control, diagnostic equipment and technologies, including Protection Relays for Distribution and Motor Protection, SCADA Systems, Digital Fault Recorders, Sequence of Events Recorders, Metering, Disturbance Analysis, etc. Diagnostic technologies include Power Factor, Tan Delta, Partial Discharge, and Thermography; Motion and Timing Analysis and associated technologies applicable to commissioning and installed electrical power apparatus. Mark has witnessed the changing industry over the years and has extensive knowledge and experience of all electrical power systems ranging from high voltage Utility through Industrial applications, and the challenges associated with them.

CE Power Solutions
2002 Founding Member of CE Power Solutions, LLC

Power Distribution Services
1985 Founder and VP; 1998 Sales of $28mil; 11 Offices; 180 employees

J.W. McCloy and Associates

Education and Training

Partial – University of Cincinnati-Liberal Arts-1977
Partial – Ohio State University-1973

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Power & Energy Society Member (PES)
IEEE Member
NETA Associate Member
NFPA Member
TAPPI Member (Paper & Pulp Industry)
Safety Training – LGE/KU Passport Training (LGE/KU)
High Resistance Grounding Systems Design and Application – Post Glover and Jack Woodham (2006)
AC and DC Hi-Potential Testing of Electrical Apparatus and Power Cable – from Manufacturer (HVI)
VLF Proof Testing of Power Cable (HVI)
Cable Fault Locating (HVI)
Partial Discharge Detection – field Application and permanent Installation from Manufacturer (Power PD)
Fundamentals of Power Factor – Doble Engineering Spring Sessions Client Meetings (Basic 1 and 2)
On-going Transformer Session(s) – Doble Conference