Progress is being made in using Dielectric Frequency Response technology in measuring moisture content within the Insulation system of power transformers. Power transformers’ Insulation “system” includes dielectric fluids or gasses (mineral oil, vegetable oil, SF6. Freon gas, etc.) and the paper insulation wrapped around nearly all conductive materials.

The high-voltage electric apparatus “industry” which includes Design/Manufacturer’s, Owners/Users and Testing Labs and Field Testing companies have uncovered definitive value in applying varied Frequencies during Design, Production, Commissioning and Field testing of high-voltage electrical apparatus. Applications have included nearly all types of equipment including circuit breakers, power cable, relays, sensors and so on.

Specifically, the ability to measure or gauge the moisture intrusion within the dielectric systems of power transformers, power cable, etc. has always been a main focus and primary goal of many of the Industries’ Testing methods. Power Factor, Insulation Resistance and Oil Analysis are the primary methodologies utilized. Besides the induced Test Voltages and Currents alone, the Industry has discovered value in varying the induced Test Frequencies also.